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Arrested at Wanee Music Festival

Every year, The Wanee Music Festival attracts thousands of people to Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park in Live Oak, FL. The event features three days of live music, cookouts, and camping. Many people attend the event because of its party atmosphere, where music lovers feel free to let loose with their behavior.

But the festival environment is also known to inspire some people to do act in ways that lead to arrests. If you have been arrested during Wanee Music Festival, Roundtree Bonding Agency is here to help get you out of jail with a bail bond. Contact us today for a bail bond in Live Oak, FL.

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Arrested At Florida Music Festival

What To Do If You’ve Been Arrested In Live Oak

If, as a consequence of attending the Wanee Music Festival, you find yourself in the back of a Live Oak Police Department cruiser or inside a holding cell at the jail, your first phone call should be to a bonding agency that provides quick and discreet bail bonds in Live Oak, FL.

Bail bonds enable you to continue with your life after an arrest. Not bonding out of jail would mean you remain in custody until the trial date, which could be months away or longer. Also, to minimize the time you spend in jail, make sure to contact a bonding agency that will begin working to post your bail immediately.

Common Reasons For Arrests At The Festival

The Wanee Music Festival is a popular event that draws large crowds. To manage the influx of people into Suwannee Music Park, the festival organizers created special rules in addition to the usual park rules. Some rules address the logistics of the festival: all drivers must display parking passes in their vehicles; and ticket holders must wear wristbands.  Other rules protect the park’s resources: camp water cannot be used to wash vehicles or RVs. But there are also rules that could lead violators to be arrested at Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park. Here are the most common reasons for arrests at Wanee Music Festival.

Drug-Related Crimes

Many defendants who require assistance from companies who write bail bonds in Live Oak are in custody for drug-related crimes. Although the organizers for the Wanee Music Festival declare that no illegal drugs are allowed at the event, some attendees still bring drugs to the park, which can lead to several common drug charges.

Misdemeanor Marijuana Drug Possession

Some festival attendees use marijuana recreationally. Those who are caught holding less than 20 grams are subject to first-degree misdemeanor drug-possession charges. Although a misdemeanor-possession charge involves up to one year in jail under Florida law, people with this charge usually avoid jail time. On the other hand, if a person commits additional crimes or has at least four prior possession charges, that person is likely to be arrested and thus need assistance from bonding agents to bail out of jail.

Felony Drug Possession

The probability of going to jail for a felony drug possession charge is almost absolute. Festival attendees who possess more than 20 grams of marijuana, small amounts of manufactured drugs (cocaine, MDMA/ecstasy, heroin), or small quantities of controlled substances without valid prescriptions face third-degree felonies with prison sentences up to five years. Possession of a large quantity of drugs, meanwhile, can result in a first-degree felony for possession or a felony for possession with intent to distribute, which are charges associated with high bail amounts.

Nuisance Behavior

The Wanee Music Festival is intended to provide people with a festive environment in which to enjoy themselves. However, the event’s organizers reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who demonstrates nuisance behavior. In addition to being expelled from the festival, acting in a forbidden manner could also lead to an arrest.

Disorderly Conduct & Disturbing the Peace

Alcohol is a prevalent at nearly all music festivals. But displaying signs of intoxication at the Wanee Music Festival can be grounds for expulsion. Furthermore, some behaviors associated with drunkenness, such as yelling, profanity, and lewdness, can lead to a person being arrested on charges such as disorderly conduct or disturbing the peace.

Assault & Battery

The festival organizers outlaw brawling at the event, and attendees who engage in physical confrontations are likely to be removed from the festival. But fighting can also lead to arrests: if one combatant decides to press charges for assault and battery on another, the latter could end up going to jail and facing a high bail.

Where To Obtain Bail Bonds In Live Oak, FL

Roundtree Bonding Agency provides quick and discreet bail bonds Live Oak, FL, residents, and visitors, depend on during their times of need. It is our hope that everyone who visits Spirit of Suwannee Music Park to attend the Wanee Music Festival has a fun, safe, and consequence-free experience. Although, as experienced bonding agents, we are also aware that arrests do happen at the festival. If you have been arrested for intoxication, drug possession, or any other reasons, do not allow yourself to linger in jail until the trail. Instead, count on Roundtree Bonding Agency to provide fast bonding services. We will help you get out of custody and on with your regular life. For bonding services in North Florida, contact us today!