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When a family member or friend is arrested, they may need a bail bond to be released from jail. A bail bond agent with Roundtree Bonding Agency can help guide you through the bail bond process. A licensed bail bondsman agency established in 1956, our agents write bail bonds in Putnam County and in every part of Florida. Roundtree Bonding Agency offers fast, friendly, and confidential service. If you need a bond written in Palatka, FL, our dedicated team can help you!

First Appearance Hearing in Putnam County, FL

Whether a first appearance hearing in Palatka, FL is needed depends on if the defendant was arrested with a warrant or “on view.” If the warrant has a bond endorsement, the defendant has the option to bond out of the Putnam County Jail immediately. If the arrest was “on view,” law enforcement either saw or believe a crime occurred, the defendant will have a first appearance hearing.

During the first appearance hearing, a judge:

  • Advises the defendant of the charge against them;
  • Determines if they qualify for a public defender, appointing one if needed; and
  • Determines the bond.

Release on Own Recognizance

A defendant may be granted ROR during their first appearance hearing. The defendant provides a written promise to the court to appear at all required court appearances in Putnam County until the case is closed and is released without bond. If the promise is broken, at any point during the case, the defendant faces immediate arrest.

Bail Bond Fees

When you contact Roundtree Bonding Agency about bail bonds in Palatka, FL, you’ll be advised of the 10 percent fee. This fee is based on the full bond amount and is nonrefundable. If a bond is too high to be paid in full at once, Roundtree Bonding Agency may be willing to set up a payment plan.

If the defendant’s bail is paid in cash to the Putnam County Jail, the amount is returned to the person who paid it following completion of the legal case. Yet, part of the cash amount may be kept by the court for court costs and fees.


If you’re asked to cosign on a jail bond in Palatka, there are two things you should understand before signing. First, a cosigner is assuring a bonding company the defendant will be at each court date until the case concludes. Second, cosigning on a bail bond is akin to signing on a bank loan, the cosigner is financially liable for the full bond amount.

Roundtree Bonding Agency, in turn, has to assure the court the defendant will appear when required. We have the ability and legal authority to locate the defendant and, if needed, arrest them if they miss a court date — a cosigner doesn’t.

Bond Hearing

An attorney generally requests a bond hearing following bond denial during the first appearance hearing or if the bond amount set is too high. During a bond hearing, a Putnam County judge reevaluates the bond and may lower the amount or possibly grant ROR to the defendant.

Palatka, FL Bail Bond Process

If a friend or family member is being detained in the Putnam County Jail, here are some things that you can do to speed up the Putnam County bail bonds process.

  • Call our office toll free at (352) 376-6645.
  • Provide Roundtree Bonding Agency the defendant’s full name, bond amount, and county the charges are in. It’s also helpful if you can provide the defendant’s date of birth (DOB) and/or booking number.
  • Once we have information for you and the defendant and all bonding-related paperwork is complete, Roundtree Bonding Agency can bond the defendant out of the Putnam County Jail.

After the Putnam County Jail has received the full bond amount, the defendant is usually released within a matter of hours.

Bonding Company Serving Putnam County, FL

With more than 50 years of experience, Roundtree Bonding Agency is ready and able to assist in getting a family member or friend out of jail. Owner Rick Roundtree became a licensed bonding agent in 1978. Agent Sean Thomas has been licensed since 1996. Roundtree Bonding Agency has never had a complaint filed with the state of Florida against us or any of our agents. To learn more about bail bonds or Roundtree Bonding Agency, contact us today!

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