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With more than 50 years of experience in the bail bonds industry, Roundtree Bonding Agency is ready and able to assist in getting your family member or friend out of jail. To speak with a professional and confidential bondsman serving Trenton, FL, contact Roundtree Bonding Agency today!

What to Know About Gilchrist County Bail Bonds

First Appearance Hearing in Trenton, FL

First appearance in Gilchrist County usually takes place every week day at 8:30 a.m. On the weekends, it may be a little later that 8:30 a.m. Defendants in Gilchrist County have a first appearance hearing via circuit-wide video with a judge in Gainesville.

During the first appearance hearing, the judge:

  • Advises the arrested person of their charge(s);
  • Determines if the arrested person qualifies for a public defender; and
  • Makes a Trenton bail bond determination.

The bond amount is set on the warrant or arresting papers. The judge usually appoints a public defender during the first appearance hearing if the arrested person qualifies. During a bond determination, the judge has three options:

  • Releasing the arrested person without requiring them to post a bond;
  • Establish a cash or surety bond for the charge(s); or
  • Return the arrested person to jail without bond.

To learn more about first appearance, go to what is a first appearance hearing.

In Trenton, FL once a bail bond has been written, it usually takes an hour or less after the bond is turned in at the jail for the person bonded to be released.

Release on Own Recognizance

If the defendant is granted ROR, they’re assuring the judge and Gilchrist County Court they will appear at all court dates until the case is resolved. Also called a signature release, the arrested person may be immediately arrested by a bonding agent if they don’t appear in court. Roundtree Bonding Agency has the legal authority to locate and arrest a defendant who misses a court date, but the cosigner does not.

Bond Hearing in Gilchrist County

If bond is set too high, or if bond is denied at first appearance, the jailed person, usually through their attorney, can schedule a bond hearing. At a bond hearing, the judge, who eventually hears the case, can reconsider the bond amount and lower it. The judge also has the option to change the initial bond to ROR.

To read more about bond hearings, see bail bond too large, what your options include.

Bail Bond Fees

If a bail bond agent provides the full amount of the bond to the court, the fee is 10 percent of the bond’s face value. A bail bond fee is nonrefundable. If the bail was paid in cash, it's returned once the defendant's case concludes. But, the court may keep part of the cash bail to cover court costs.

Cosigning A Bail Bond in Gilchrist County

If you are asked to cosign on a bond, it’s important to understand:

  • You’re liable for the full bond amount; and
  • Cosigning is your guarantee the arrested person will attend each Gilchrist County Court appearance until their case is fully resolved.

Roundtree Bonding Agency, a bonding company writing bonds in Gilchrist County, FL, has full arrest power to find the arrested person and return them to jail should they miss a court appearance. However, as a cosigner, you do not. If you have questions about co-signing a bail bond, go to what you should consider before cosigning on a bail bond.

Bail Bond Process in Gilchrist County

If a friend or family member is being detained in the Gilchrist County Jail, here are some things that you can do to speed up the Gilchrist County Bail Bonds Process.

  • Call our office toll free at (352) 376-6645.
  • Have the the defendant’s full name, bond amount and the county the charges are in. If you have date-of-birth (DOB) or a booking number, this also helps.
  • The defendant will be bonded out of jail after Roundtree Bonding Agency has your information, along with the defendant’s, and all bonding-related paperwork is completed and signed.

Gilchrist County Bail Bonds Resources and Maps

Gilchrist County Jail

Gilchrist County Courthouse

Courthouse: (352) 463-3170
Tollfree: (800) 267-3182

Public Defender: (352) 486-6760
353 S. Court St., Bronson 32621

State Attorney: (352) 463-3406
112 S. Main St., Suite 218, Trenton 32693

Bail Bondsman in Gilchrist County

Why call Roundtree Bonding Agency when you need a bail bonds agency to bond someone out of the county jail? Roundtree Bonding Agency has been writing bail bonds in Trenton, as well as all north and central Florida counties, longer than any bail agent in this part of Florida has been in business.

No complaint has been filed with the state against the company in more than 60 years. Established in Gainesville in 1956, Roundtree Bonding’s owner Rick Roundtree has been a licensed bail agent since 1978. Partner Sean Thomas has been in the bail bond business since 1996. To learn more about the bail bond process in Gilchrist County, contact us today.