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Your best choice for Clay County bail bonds is Roundtree Bonding Agency. We've been providing excellent service to clients and the courts here for more than 50 years. Roundtree Bonding Agency’s well-earned reputation means you and your loved ones get the best attention and every appropriate consideration available in Green Cove Springs.

Those arrested in Clay County are taken to the jail at Green Cove Springs where Roundtree Bonding Agency is well-known and well-respected. When a defendant with a warrant is picked-up, a jail bond in Green Cove Springs, FL may have already been pre-set by the judge. But often many folks are arrested “on view.” This occurs when law enforcement believes or views a law being broken. In Green Cove Springs, defendants are usually taken to a “first appearance” hearing the morning after their arrest.

Clay County Courthouse

The Clay County Bail Bonds Process

Those arrested in Clay County are taken to the jail at Green Cove Springs where Roundtree Bonding is well known and well respected. When a defendant is picked-up on a warrant, a bond may have already been pre-set by the judge. But often many folks are arrested “on view”, which occurs when law enforcement believes a law has been broken. In Green Cove Springs usually defendants will be taken to a “First Appearance” hearing the morning after their arrest.

What Is the First Appearance Hearing in Clay County?

During the first appearance hearing, the arrested person will be informed of the charges against them. The judge will set the amount of Green Cove Springs bail bonds, if any, which is established on the arresting papers or warrant. Also, the judge may decide if the defendant qualifies for a public defender. If the defendant does qualify, one is usually appointed during the first appearance hearing. The judge's options include:

  • Letting the defendant go without having to post a bond, known as release on own recognizance (ROR); or
  • Setting a monetary bond for each of the charges; or
  • No bond, which means the defendant stays in jail for the time being.

When a bond is set, cash can be posted at the jail in the full amount, or Roundtree Bonding Agency can be hired to post it. The bonding agency’s fee for this service is set by law at 10 percent of the full bond amount. This fee is nonrefundable. If the set bond amount is too high for you to pay all at once, Roundtree Bonding Agency may be willing to set up a payment plan with you.

You can expect to be released in two to four hours after Roundtree Bonding Agency submits the bond to the jail in Green Cove Springs.

Release On Own Recognizance (ROR)

If the judge grants the defendant a ROR, the defendant is making a promise they will appear at all court dates in Clay County. The promise, also called a signature release, is made in writing for documentation purposes. Should this promise be broken, the defendant is subject to immediate arrest by a bail bond agent in Clay County and likely loses the benefit of a reasonable bond amount in the future.

Bond Hearing In Clay County

An attorney can request a bond hearing. At a bond hearing in Clay County, a judge reevaluates the bond amount and may lower the bond or change it to ROR. And, if the bond fee is too high to pay all at once, Roundtree Bonding Agency may be able to let you make payments.

When you are asked to “cosign” on a bond, you should understand:

  • You are taking on the full bond liability; and
  • Are guaranteeing that the defendant is going to make each court appearance, pending full resolution of the case.

Make this decision carefully. A bondsman in Green Cove Springs generally asks for a cosigner like a bank asks for a cosigner on a loan. They rarely know the defendant and use a cosigner as an assurance.

Roundtree Bonding Agency has full arrest power to locate and arrest the defendant if they miss a court date in Clay County, but a cosigner does not.

Clay County Bail Bonds Resources and Maps

Clay County Jail

Booking Number: (904) 213-5905

Clay County Jail Inmates Search

Clay County Courthouse

Courthouse: (904) 269-6302

Public Defender: (904) 284-6318

State Attorney: (904) 269-6319

Bail Bond Process in Green Cove Springs

If a friend or family member is being detained in the Clay County Jail, here are some things that you can do to speed up the Clay County bail bonds process:

  • Call our office toll free at (352) 376-6645.
  • Be ready to give us the defendant’s full name, bond amount and the county the charges are in. If you have date of birth (DOB) or a booking number, this will also help.
  • Once we have your information, as well as the defendant’s, and all bonding-related paperwork completed and signed, we can then bond the defendant out of jail.

Bail Bondsman in Clay County, FL

Owner Rick Roundtree’s father, T. A. Roundtree, began serving Clay County in 1956. Roundtree Bonding Agency has the respect and appreciation from decades of excellent service to the Green Cove Springs community.

Rick Roundtree has been a llicensed bonding agent serving Clay County, providing equal opportunity service and excellent bond representation, since 1978.  Roundtree Bonding Agency’s professional associate, Sean Thomas, has been licensed since 1996. For more information about bail bonds in Clay County, FL and respectful, easy service, call Roundtree Bonding Agency.