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Public Intoxication Bail Bonds

A public intoxication charge can be an embarrassing situation with lingering effects on the everyday life of a friend or family member. If someone you know is facing a charge of public intoxication, contact Roundtree Bonding Agency to speak with an experienced bonding agent. We’ll thoroughly explain how the bonding process works, including if a cosigner for bail bond is needed, and secure the release of your friend or family member prior to a court date.

What Is Public Intoxication In Florida?

Bonding agencies, including Roundtree Bonding Agency, routinely helps clients secure bond for a public intoxication charge. Public intoxication, or disorderly intoxication, occurs when a person is intoxicated in a public place and endangers the safety of another person or property, also known as causing a public disturbance. It’s often related to a disorderly conduct charge but can be a standalone charge.

A person can be intoxicated if they are under the influence of any substance considered an intoxicant, including alcohol or a controlled or illegal substance. A public place is considered any place the general public has a legal right to be, such as stadiums, public parks, and/or restaurants.

Yet, someone doesn’t necessarily have to be intoxicated to appear to be in a drunken or intoxicated state in a public place. The intent of this charge is in response to others in a public space feeling threatened or intimidated by the person or discouraged entirely from using the public place. Or, it’s possible to be charged with public intoxication if a law enforcement officer believes a person’s intoxication threatens their personal safety.

Penalties For Public Intoxication

Public intoxication is a second-degree misdemeanor in Florida. Upon conviction, penalties include up to 60 days in jail, up to six months of probation, and up to $500 in fines. If a person is convicted of public intoxication three times in a 12-month timeframe, they may also be required to spend up to 60 days in a rehabilitation or treatment facility.  

How A Bail Bond Company Can Help

In Florida, public intoxication is a relatively minor criminal offense but has the potential to quickly escalate. During the first appearance hearing, a judge sets the bond amount for your friend or family member based on several factors, including any previous criminal arrests. Whatever bond amount is set, it’s meant to ensure the friend or family member is at every court appearance until the case is resolved. Roundtree Bonding Agency will guide you and your friend or family member through the bail bonds process and make sure everyone is aware of their responsibilities.

If a friend or family member has been arrested for public intoxication, contact Roundtree Bonding Agency. Our bonding agency is available to assist you throughout the bonding process to ultimately secure the release of your loved one.

If a friend or family member is facing a public intoxication charge, contact Roundtree Bonding Agency for a bail bond.