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Larceny & Theft Bail Bond

If a friend or family member faces charges of larceny or theft in Florida, they’re facing serious consequences. Florida defines theft in one of two ways. First, it's the taking of or use of another person's property to deprive the other person temporarily or permanently of the property. Second, another person's property is appropriated for use by a different person.

Roundtree Bonding Agency is a bonding agency with years of experience assisting clients with bail bonds for theft and larceny crimes. Our agents explain the bail bond process and gladly address any questions or concerns during the bonding process. To learn more about bail bonds in Florida, contact Roundtree Bonding Agency today!

Larceny Or Theft Charges In Florida

The state of Florida uses the term theft to describe several types of property crimes, including larceny. Whether a theft crime is charged as a misdemeanor or felony depends on the value of the property itself. Petit theft is generally a misdemeanor, while grand theft is a felony.

Petit Theft

Second-degree petit theft occurs when the property less than $100 in value. Penalties include up to 60 days in jail and up to $500 in fines.

First-degree petit theft occurs when the property value is between $100 and $299 with up to one year in jail and up to $1,000 in fines. If already convicted twice of petit theft, a third larceny conviction increases charges to a third-degree felony.

Grand Theft

Third-degree grand theft is charged for property with value between $300 and $19,999, or when the property is a:

  • Commercially farmed animal;
  • Fire extinguisher;
  • Firearm;
  • Construction sign;
  • Motor vehicle;
  • Anhydrous ammonia; or
  • 2,000 or more individual pieces of fruit.

The penalty for third-degree grand theft is up to five years in jail and up to $5,000 in fines.

Second-degree grand theft is charged for stolen property with a value between $20,000 and $99,999 with up to 15 years in prison and up to $10,000 in fines.

First-degree grand theft occurs when the property value is more than $100,000 with penalties of up to 30 years in prison and up to $10,000 in fines.

Bail Bonds For Larceny Charges

When a friend or family member is arrested on charges of larceny, it’s important to quickly secure their release from police custody so that they can attend to their personal affairs. When you contact Roundtree Bonding Agency, you’ll speak with an experienced bonding agent who guides you through the bail bond process. During this conversation, you will be advised whether a bail bond cosigner is needed. If so, we’ll explain the responsibilities of a cosigner.

Choosing A Bail Bonding Agency

With many bonding agencies to choose from in a stressful situation, you can count on Roundtree Bonding Agency to always treat you with respect and the utmost professionalism. With more than 50 years experience in assisting clients throughout Florida, no complaints have ever been filed with the state against our agents. Our belief is to always keep clients informed of court dates and go above and beyond the expectations of a bail bond company.