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Identity Theft Bail Bonds

Bail Bonds For Identity Theft Charges In Florida

Bail bonds for identity theft charges are available 24/7 at our Gainesville office, where our knowledgeable bonding agents work around the clock to serve clients across Florida. Our bonding agents respond promptly and discreetly to all bond requests. And no matter the charge, we treat every client with respect and compassion. Let us be your first line of contact when someone you know is arrested and needs a bail bond.

How To Get An Identity Theft Bail Bond

Bail bonds are a resource that allows those who have been arrested to be released from detention until their trial dates. When charged with identity theft in Florida, the person is arrested, transported to jail, and processed through the intake as an inmate. Next, a judge reviews the new inmate’s charges and criminal history, and then sets an amount. It’s generally granted for all but the most serious of civil and criminal charges, or if the person is a flight risk. When an inmate pays bail to the court, the person is subsequently released from jail and free until the trial day. As long as the person is present for the trial, the money is returned by the court. A bail bond company, meanwhile, posts bail for a person who isn’t able to pay it themselves.

Under Florida law, there are stiff penalties for that identity theft, and judges may consequently issue high bails. Because the average Floridian in jail doesn’t have several thousand dollars of dispensable savings to cover the bail amount, people turn to bonding agencies. For those arrested in Florida, Roundtree Bonding Agency is the agency of choice. To obtain a bail bond from us, you need only to contact our Gainesville office, complete the paperwork, and post collateral, either on behalf of the person in custody or on your own behalf as a bail bond cosigner.

How Much Does A Florida Identity Theft Bail Bond Cost?

Florida bond rates are set by state law. The cost of a bail bond for identity theft (or any other charge) is $100 for bail less than $1,000 and 10 percent for bail higher than $1,000. Therefore, when you choose a bonding agency, the decision shouldn’t be based on the rates (because rates are determined by Florida law). Instead, base your choice of bondsman on their levels of knowledge and experience, as well as the testimonials of the bonding agency's clients.

What Is A Bail Bond Cosigner?

If a person is arrested but doesn’t have money for a bail bond, they can have a cosigner — usually a family member or personal friend — pay the fee. A cosigner shares financial responsibility for repaying the bonding agency should the person fail to appear in court. Cosigners can issue bond revocations for any reason. This often occurs when the person on bond commits destructive, abusive, or illegal behavior. Because their money is on the line, cosigners usually cooperate with bounty hunters — bail bond agents who track and take custody of people who are out on bail and fail to appear in court or have revoked bonds.

Penalties For An Identity Theft Charge

Identity theft is generally defined as the unauthorized appropriation and use of someone else’s personal information. Several common examples are when people use stolen (or found and unreported) driver's license IDs, checks and ATM cards, and Social Security numbers to make purchases or otherwise impersonate someone else. Punishments for identity theft in Florida, which are outlined in Florida Statute 817.568: Criminal use of personal identification information, include up to 40 years in prison and fines up to $15,000.

Roundtree Bail Bonds provides bail bonds throughout Florida. If someone you know has been charged and jailed, give us a call to start the bail bonds process.