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Failure To Appear Bail Bonds In Florida

Failure to appear, or bail jumping, is a crime on its own. When a friend or family member doesn’t appear at a required court date for one reason or another, a chain reaction begins. First, the bond that has already been paid is forfeited, regardless of who paid the amount. This may include a friend, family member, or bail bond company such as Roundtree Bonding Agency.

Then, the friend or family member continues to face the pending charges along with additional charges for failure to appear. The judge will also issue a bench warrant for their arrest. If your friend or family member is arrested again, bail may not be an option, as the court deems them unreliable.

Time is of the essence after a failure to appear at a required court date. If you weren't deliberate in missing the date and take the necessary steps to resolve the situation, the court may reinstate the original bail bond. Roundtree Bonding Agency can assist in resolving the situation and even appear in court alongside you.

Penalties For Failure To Appear

Florida Statute § 843.15 dictates the penalties for failure to appear. The penalty for failure to appear for a felony charge is an additional third-degree felony charge with up to 5 years in prison and up to $5,000 in fines. If a friend or family member is released on bail for a misdemeanor and fails to appear, they then face an additional first-degree misdemeanor charge. Penalties for this include up 1 year in jail and up to $1,000 in fines.

Failure To Appear & A Bonding Agency

If you used a bonding agency such as Roundtree Bonding Agency to bail a friend or family member out of jail, failure to appear also affects the agency. The court notifies us of the failure to appear and a bonding agent has six months to return the charged individual to the legal system. Otherwise, the bonding agency is responsible for paying the full bail amount to the court.

At Roundtree Bonding Agency, we understand that everyday circumstances happen — vehicle breakdown, illness, and other unexpected issues that cause a friend or family member to miss their court date. That’s why it’s important to notify the bail bonds agent as quickly as possible. Roundtree Bonding Agency may be able to provide a reassumption of liability documentation that allows the court date to be rescheduled.

Bail Bond Company In Gainesville, FL

There are substantial consequences for missing a court date, resulting in a failure to appear. Roundtree Bonding Agency notifies all involved parties, including the cosigner for bail bond, of court dates by mail or telephone. We believe the bail bonding process should be transparent from start to finish. This includes answering any and all questions you have about the situation. Unlike other bonding agencies, we’ll never return someone to jail due to a lack of payment. To learn more about our bail bonds or Roundtree Bonding Agency, contact us today!