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Bail Bonds For Drug Charges

If a friend or family member has been charged with a drug crime, such as drug possession or intent to sell, you may be wondering what happens next. Our Gainesville bail bondsman with Roundtree Bonding Agency provides jail bonds for individuals charged with drug possession or drug dealing. To learn more about our bonding company, contact us to speak with a bail bond agent.

Drug Possession

When an individual is arrested for drug possession, the type of drug(s) as well as the quantity are considered. Arresting an individual with a large quantity of drugs on their person may indicate an intent to sell — which elevates this charge. Florida Statute §893.13 outlines the charge of drug possession as the possession, knowledge and control of an illegal substance. The exact charges a friend or family member arrested on drug possession will vary based upon substance, amount of substance and whether an intent to sell was present. For example, if a defendant was arrested with up to 20 grams of marijuana, he or she may be charged with a first-degree misdemeanor possession. Alternatively, if the defendant was arrested with more than 25 pounds of marijuana; more than 28 grams of cocaine; up to 10 grams of MDMA; 4 grams of heroin; or more than 1 gram LSD; he or she can be charged with first-degree felony possession.

Drug Sales

The charges related to drug dealing or intent to sell revolve around substance type, substance amount and any prior arrests. Florida law views drug dealing as a root issue and typically prosecutes defendants at the fullest extent of the law. This means that, if a loved one is charged with drug sales, the bond is likely to be very steep and you may not be able to post bond without the assistance of a bonding company. Common drug sale charges include the sale of cannabis; the sale of cocaine; the sale of fentanyl; the sale of MDMA; the sale of methamphetamine; the sale of GHB; and the sale of heroin.

The penalties associated with both drug possession and/or drug sales vary according to charge but may range from tens of thousands of dollars in fines and up to 20 years in prison.

How The Bonding Process Works

When you contact a bail bondsman in Gainesville, FL you are provided with instructions on how to gather vital information necessary to acquire a jail bond. First, you must learn the set bond amount; the name of the jail where the defendant is in custody; and the full name, date of birth, and booking number of defendant. After providing Roundtree Bonding Agency with that information, a bondsman will determine the non-refundable fee amount which is based on 10 percent of the bond amount. Once the fee is paid, the release of the friend or family member will be secured.

Professional Florida Bail Bond Company

Roundtree Bonding Agency is available 24 hours a day to provide advice as well as to process bail bonds for anyone charged with drug possession or drug sales. We will discuss your loved one’s unique situation with you to ensure you are factually informed when making all decisions and keep you updated throughout the bonding process as we secure the release from jail.