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Disorderly Conduct Bail Bond

Bail Bonds For Disorderly Conduct In Florida

Sometimes, a day or night out with friends doesn't go quite as planned as things turn out of control. A charge of disorderly conduct, also called breach of peace, is used to regulate conduct in public places. It’s generally used as a catch-all charge for anyone behaving in an unruly manner in public. Florida law bans any public act that corrupts public morals, violates standards of public decency, or affects the peace and quiet of others.

Examples of disorderly conduct commonly include:

  • Disturbing the peace;
  • Fighting or physical altercations;
  • Inciting a riot;
  • Loitering;
  • Loud or unreasonable noise; and
  • Obstructing traffic.

The state of Florida also allows anyone who takes part in an affray — a public brawl or fight — to be charged with disorderly conduct. Roundtree Bonding Agency is ready to help release a friend or family member from jail after a disorderly conduct charge. The sooner they’re released, the sooner they’ll be able to begin taking care of personal affairs, such as contacting a lawyer.

Penalties For Disorderly Conduct

In Florida, disorderly conduct is generally treated as a second-degree misdemeanor and carries penalties of up to 60 days in jail and up to $500 in fines. Yet, an affray is usually charged as a first-degree misdemeanor with penalties of up to one year in jail. Inciting a riot is a third-degree felony. If someone you know is facing a charge of disorderly conduct, contact Roundtree Bonding Agency today! Our agents are available 24-hours a day to help secure their release from custody as quickly as possible.

How A Bonding Agency Can Help

Nobody wants to remain in jail for a second-degree misdemeanor. A bonding agency, such as Roundtree Bonding Agency, is available for around-the-clock help. Following an arrest, the person is booked into local police custody. The first appearance before a judge is when the bail amount is set, generally after the judge has considered many factors surrounding the situation, including any prior arrests.

The bond amount is meant to guarantee your friend or family member appears at all required court appearances. In smaller cases, cash bonds and surety bonds are common. When you contact us, we'll explain the process and if a cosigner for bail bond is needed. If a cosigner is needed, you can count on us to fully explain the cosigner’s responsibilities.

Professional Florida Bail Bond Company

If a friend or family member is arrested for disorderly conduct in Florida, contact Roundtree Bonding Agency to speak with an experienced bonding agent. Since 1956, we’ve been writing bail bonds throughout North and Central Florida, giving every client the same professional and tactful approach each time. It’s our belief that providing top-notch customer service from the moment you call is one of the many ways we stand out among bonding agencies. Don’t let a disorderly conduct charge loom over your life  — contact Roundtree Bonding Agency today!