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Arrested at Ginnie Springs

Were You Arrested At Ginnie Springs? Call Us Now!

For outdoor enthusiasts in North Florida, Ginnie Springs is a popular destination for camping, canoeing, and scuba diving. But this privately owned park also has its own rules and policies for guests to follow. Visitors are also subject to the laws of Gilchrist County and the state while visiting the park. If you or a loved one broke these rules and was arrested at Ginnie Springs, Roundtree Bonding Agency can help with quick and discreet bail bonds.

Rather than sitting in custody until the trial date, our bonding agency will help you return to normal life. We post bonds for any number of crimes you could have been charged with while at Ginnie Springs, including the following common violations.

Drug & Alcohol Crimes

Campers and day-trippers may choose to enliven their outdoor get-togethers by imbibing in drugs and alcohol. But many of the bail bonds High Springs, FL, residents pursue concern drug- or alcohol-related charges. If you were caught violating the law regarding drugs or alcohol at Ginnie Springs, we can help with bonds for the following charges, as well as others.

Drug Possession

Except for prescription drugs in the hands of the people to whom they are prescribed, no other drugs are permitted at Ginnie Springs. Marijuana possession is common in Florida, and thus it is a common crime you may have committed at the park; if the amount exceeded 20 grams or was packaged for sale, the legal consequences for you could be worse. Possession of other schedule I narcotics (e.g., heroin, cocaine, etc.), or illicitly obtained pharmaceuticals, meanwhile, could end with you in jail and facing charges and an expensive bail.

Drinking Apparati

Beer bongs and funnels are not permitted at Ginnie Springs, and kegs are allowed with prior written approval only. Ostensibly, breaking these rules would not also result in legal violations. But if you or a loved one is under age 21 or drank excessively and was arrested, the bail could be set high.

Glass Containers

Although all types of alcohol (e.g., beer, wine, liquor, etc.) are allowed at Ginnie Springs, all types of containers are not. Glass containers are outlawed in the common areas as well as on the Santa Fe River. If you broke this rule as well as littered the glass containers, that criminal act could have landed you behind bars and in need of a bond.

Narcotics Equipment

If you brought narcotics equipment (e.g., pipes, scales, etc.) with drug residue into Ginnie Springs, this is a violation of both park rules and the law — even if no drugs were present. Coupled with more drug charges, narcotics-equipment possession could mean you have a steep sentence with a high bail.

Motor Vehicle Violations

You or a family member may require the assistance of bail bonds companies because an incarceration following a motor-vehicle violation. Most violations (e.g., speeding, failure to stop, etc.) merely add points a driving record. From there, the worst of the consequences would be fines, traffic school, and higher car insurance rates. But if you or a loved one is a habitual offender — someone who has had a license revoked yet continued to drive and be caught by police — a jail sentence is likely. And without bond, you or a family member remain locked up for a long time before trial.

Furthermore, there are a few additional, albeit less mainstream, transportation violations that are common at Ginnie Springs for which we issue bail bonds.

Riding on Exterior

When there’s a short duration to travel in the wilderness, it is tempting for passengers, rather than get into the vehicle, to sit on the bed, trunk, or hood. But the park rules forbid any person from riding on the exterior of a vehicle; this is also the state law per Florida statute 316.2015. You probably wouldn’t be arrested for such an offense alone, but if you had other, more serious charges — such as drunk-driving — and were arrested, your bail may be high and require a bonding agent to cover it.

Off-Road Vehicles

Many campers and outdoor enthusiasts utilize off-road vehicles to travel when they are in nature. However, use of these alternative forms of transportation is not authorized in Ginnie Springs. If you operated an off-road vehicle and were caught, you could face incarceration and need bail; this is especially true if you combined the violation with other charges, such as drug possession or drunk driving

Bail Bonds in High Springs, FL

If you or a loved one was recently arrested while visiting Ginnie Springs, Roundtree Bonding Agency encourages you to seek the help of our bonding agents. Since we write bail bonds in High Springs, FL, we can get you out of custody and free until trial. So, instead of spending another long night, let alone days, months, or years, behind bars before trial, let us bond you out and return you to your family and regular life. Furthermore, our staff are competent and respectful of your situation. And our bonding practices are fair to everyone, regardless of background or allegations. To bond yourself or a family member in North Florida, contact Roundtree Bonding Agency today!