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Why You Should Be Very Careful When Choosing a Bail Agent

Why should you use caution when choosing a bondsman? These are some examples of the shady things a few of my competitors have done in the past few years:

One local bondsman bonded a person out of jail (without ever once talking to that person), ran a charge on his credit card without his permission, and when that person contested the credit card charge, was handcuffed and, AT GUNPOINT, taken to a bank ATM, and forced to withdraw not only the fee that was owed, but additional money on top of that. And the bondsman was never prosecuted. In fact, he was never even charged with a crime and continues to run a bail bond business today.

These are the bondsmen who contact you, unsolicited, at your home or at work.

On another occasion, a different local bondsman, while looking for a bond skip, went to the address where some reason thought the people who lived there knew where the skip was hiding out, and when they said they could not be of help, the bondman put a gun to their heads and said “I’m going to blow your MF heads off if you don’t tell me where he is hiding.” This bondsman later pled guilty to three misdemeanors, received probation and agreed to give up his bail bond license forever, but in fact continued to operate as a bondsman for at least four more years until the state recently charged him with new felonies for grand theft auto and, finally, for operating as an unlicensed bondsman.

These are the bondsmen who pay inmates to recommend them to newly arrested people, often in exchange for money or other considerations provided by the bondsmen.

A third example of why you have to choose your bondsmen carefully involves a bondman who bonded a person out of jail with a promise of payment after release. Instead, the bonded person ran, and the bail agent emptied his gun in his direction. Whether he was trying to kill the person over a few hundred dollar fee and was a lousy aim, or was just trying to scare the person, who wants to find out?

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